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Bundy Tubes

Bundy tube, sometimes called Bundy pipe, is type of double-walled low-carbon steel tube manufactured by rolling a copper-coated steel strip through 720°F and resistance brazing the overlapped seam in a process called Bundywelding. It may be zinc coated for corrosion protection. It is primarily used in automotive hydraulic brake lines in cars. We can supply any type and diameter of Bundy Tube your requirement calls for.

Pipe Size (Inches)
Outside Diameter (Inches (mm))
Wall (Schedule 5)

Pipe Size (Inches): 1/8
Outside Diameter (Inches (mm)): 0.405″ (10.29mm)
Wall (Schedule 5): 0.035 (0.89mm)

Pipe Size (Inches): 1/4
Outside Diameter (Inches (mm)): 0.540″ (13.72mm)
Wall (Schedule 5): 0.049 (1.24mm)

Pipe Size (Inches): 3/8
Outside Diameter (Inches (mm)): 0.675″ (17.15mm)
Wall (Schedule 5): 0.049 (1.24mm)